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Debra Franses Bean is a graduate of the Central Saint Martins art school in London. Her studio is as transparent as her work, with large glass windows that echo the exposed contents of her artbag sculptures. Only the glass studio's contents are continually in flux, unlike her Artbags which are frozen moments of consumption. A series of identical, crystal - clear handbag sculptures contain a plethora of desirable objects - often the kind whose appeal is short-lived. Instead, Debra Franses Bean mummifies her objects in a chic resin coffin, they are satisfying in a way that the actual experience of consumption can never be by prolonging the moment, held forever in time


Paris Art Web - Sculpture - Debra Franses Bean - Marilyn Marilyn Meets Dali by Debra Franses Bean

The Artbags of Debra Franses Bean contain wads of cash, slick handguns, designer lipstick tubes, lollypops and all manner of objects denoting both high and low levels of comfort, prestige and style. They take their cue from kitschy elements of popular culture, referencing both pop art and postmodernism's endeavours to embody these ideals. The relentless repetition of this as a form and concept is replete with notions of the mass manufactured products that contribute to society's increasingly cluttered landscape of stuff.


Debra Franses Bean
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Paris Art Web - Painting - Debra Franses Bean - Peekaboo Peekaboo by Debra Franses Bean

The paintings of Debra Franses Bean are expressive and full of colour and feeling. Debra Franses Bean is heavily influenced by her surroundings in nature and by the psychological aspects of her relationship to the world. When she paints, these same concerns, as her artbags, are expressed very differently: walking through the waves, jumping in a pool, or hiding behind the couch. In the intimacy of Debra Franses Bean's interior surroundings, the challenges of her own existence is enough to prompt an idea that works its way through into her work.


Debra Franses Bean
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Debra Franses Bean
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