Claude Le Boul

Paris Art Web - Painting - Claude Le Boul Claude Le Boul | Born 1947 | French

Despite its visual evidence, the art of Claude Le Boul is much closer to the unsaid than that which it appears to deliver. Veiling the subject, the art of Claude Le Boul does seem different: full of emotions, dreams, mysteries and fantasies. Through its power of transformation, adaptation, flexibility and mobility, the sheets are the expressions of the body and the questions that the painting hides.


Claude Le Boul lives and works in Paris. He studied at the ENSBA. After his studies, Claude Le Boul participated in many European art competitions of painters, where he very often won the first prizes. Thus, he was introduced to several art galleries and national museums. Today, Claude Le Boul is an internationally renowned painter. He has been exhibiting his art for more than fourty years mainly in Paris, Geneva, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Tokyo, New York, Miami, and Beijing.


Paris Art Web - Painting - Claude Le Boul A Page of My Life by Claude Le Boul

The Beds Series


The beds series of oil on canvas paintings by Claude Le Boul opens our senses to a world where the magic spell of the picture delves below the simple form of the subject. Every morning, the beams of sunlight would cross each other falling on the sheets of these beds, giving the whole painting a great and beautiful power.


Claude Le Boul
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Paris Art Web - Painting - Claude Le Boul Full Moon by Claude Le Boul

The Nudes Series


The nudes series of oil on canvas paintings by Claude Le Boul represents a marvelous collection of female bodies sharing the same momentum and the same tensions, innervated in the folds of the parchment-like drapes and united in a sort of ecstasy.

Paris Art Web - Painting - Claude Le Boul Packed Painting I by Claude Le Boul

The Packages Series


The packages series of oil on canvas paintings by Claude Le Boul represents the digression, a short pause: large, rectangular drapes, crisscrossed by slender ropes, which are the setting for the empty moment of a story yet to be constructed, even if the impact and strength of their proportions bear witness to their pictorial viability.

Paris Art Web - Painting - Claude Le Boul Faces BR22538 by Claude Le Boul

The Faces Series


The faces series of mixed media on canvas paintings by Claude Le Boul represents the latest works by Claude Le Boul. Show, hide, suggest, drape! The fabric has been the playmate of Claude Le Boul for many years now. Whether the object or the subject, it is also on the purely technical and material aspect where the fabric has become rags which Claude Le Boul uses to wipe his brushes, his palette, his fingers...

The excess material that will never "paint"; yet, one day Claude Le Boul looks at the rich findings of this pictorial material: it was still painting in his eyes! Knowing that he will return with the idea and that one day he will find the way, for more than twenty years, Claude Le Boul kept preciously these rags, classed by harmony of colors, materials, and stains.

Through all these years that passed, Claude Le Boul wanted to "talk" of "time", "memory", and people that he loved, he loves, who are dear to him! It seemed to him as evidence that it was time to give life to his rags, they would finally find their rightful place; ones who were responsible, fed all this time, all this memory. He had to hold onto the canvas now all these spots as benevolent ghosts of his art story.

Faces have emerged gradually as memories, in fragments more or less precise, and finally Claude Le Boul could enter words to his paintings, words of love that each of us can say or write... These words appear and disappear imprecise, just like a fragile memory.

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