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Angie Brooksby's family moved all over the United States from New York to Los Angeles then landed in Maryland where Angie Brooksby studied photography and figurative sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art. During her studies, Angie Brooksby won several grants including a scholarship from the Maryland Senate. In 1986, Angie Brooksby moved to Florence in Italy where she studied painting. Italy claimed her heart; Angie Brooksby established herself opening her own studio/gallery in the historical Florence’s gallery district. In 2007, Angie Brooksby moved to Paris, where she currently resides and paints urban landscapes of Paris and beyond. 


Angie Brooksby considers herself a colorist. She paints with oils using a combination of palette knife and brushes. Museum quality pigments and canvas are important to her, thus she mostly imports her materials from Italy and New York. Today, her paintings are part of important corporate collections including Gables Residential (USA), Brown and Foreman (USA), Neufchatel (Japan), Florence Life (Japan) as well as several private collections in USA, Europe and Japan.


Paris Art Web - Painting - Angie Brooksby - Jean Bart Jean Bart by Angie Brooksby

Angie Brooksby considers herself a contemporary realist painter. Contemporary realism, starting in the 1970’s, is a North American style which follows the American realists of the early 1900’s. However, the twenty years Angie Brooksby lived and painted in Tuscany made her paintings unique. The Tuscan colorists, in particular Llewlyn Lloyd, inspired in Angie Brooksby a desire to paint differently from what she had learnt at the Beaux Arts. Equally important to her technique is the theory of Michel Eugene Chevreul: the simultaneous contrast of colors.


Angie Brooksby
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